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Responsible Organic Waste Solutions for all Wholesale and Retail Business.

Our machines are saving money and eliminating environmental issues for food wholesalers, poultry farms, hotels, shop retailers, commercial kitchens, offices, food preparation and animal produce outlets.

Greentech is focused on providing high-quality machines to reclaim/recycle organic waste at sources.

We are focused on service, waste cost minimisation and customer satisfaction endevouring to surpass your organic waste removal expectations allowing cost reduction; noxious odour reduction; improved hygienic and clean environment.

Our new WASTESTATION machines require NO cleaning, NO water and NO drainage. Just plug in the machine and continually load with organic waste. Through our unique system utilising a dry thermophile fermentation process. There is no ongoing pollution as with other fully drained closed loop systems.

Our new technology provides for clean waste areas, cleaner ambient air and a totally safe operation. Use the machines indoor or outside with no noise or unpleasant odours. All residue is environmentally friendly and may be used as a high grade fertiliser.

With a variety of machines to choose from, we guarantee you will save over 25% on current waste removal costs. With a variety of machine sizes we can tailor a waste management plan to suit all commercial and residential applications. Contact our experienced team to discuss the potential savings our machines can save your business. Greentech staff fully understand your waste management needs and can quickly streamline a cost efficient system for your business. 

Our Wastestation machines are the newest technology and the only machines to fully reclaim organic waste in 3 - 8hrs with NO liquid waste pollutants. All dry residue removed from the wastestation machines is 100% recycled as high grade fertiliser.

The technology used is a thermophilic degradation maintained at a constant temperature and humidity. The Wastestation machines use very little electricity as the bacteria supply most of the required heat and humidity. Once the environment inside the machines is at its optimal level, the Wastestation then reverts to a standby mode. Start up only occurs when the residue requires aeration to assist the thermophile degradation.

Greentech Industries is continually offering new innovative products. Our larger Wastestations are now modified to reclaim 'sewerage cake'. These machines will revolutionise future sewerage treatment. Other clean air products are our Hydrogen Fuel extractors. Our new hydrogen machines provide hydrogen as a clean modern automobile fuel. 'Hydrogen' will be extracted from sewerage / reclaimed water in a very cost effective alternate fuel. Greentech will introduce this modern fuel for the future hydrogen vehicles to replace the current dependency on petrol. Greentech is the major distributor of new, low cost air purifiers for factories and low cost organic bricquette machines, to replace coal fuels.

Why us?

Greentech offer the most technically advanced organic waste processing machines available.

The Wastestations can be immediately installed with no plumbing or drainage required.

Our team have tested and modified these machines for over 10 years This testing was accompanied with practical research to cater for all environments. Our extensive research and development program is continuing with advances in organics and sewerage reclaimation.

The 'wastestation' machines provide profit increases and environmental savings for businesses. Volume and weight reductions exceed 40:1.

Organic waste is fermented into a safe, dry, clean residue. Empty and collect excess residue easily for storage. (see video)

Electronics and exhaust gases have all been certified by SGS Laboratories. Exhaust air is filtered and therefore cleaner than the waste area's ambient air

Our machines are safe, reliable and more user friendly than any other organic waste process.

The Wastestations reduce the weight of organic matter by 97%. This equates to a weight reduction of over 40:1.

Disposal of residue is quick, clean, easy and completely safe. Reduce unpleasant odours within the workplace area.